Sunday, March 20, 2005

CAT 301.6C and 301.8C New Mini Hydraulic Excavators

With the introduction of the CAT 301.6C and the CAT 301.8C, Caterpillar has expanded the capabilities and enhanced many aspects of the two smallest excavators in the Cat® line. The C-Series models feature 22 percent more bucket digging force and greater than 10 percent more stick digging force than the previous models. Increased lift capacities add to versatility and flexibility.

CAT 301.8c Mini Excavator

The new models get more work done faster through an engine power increase of about 4 percent-to 18.1 horsepower (13.5 kW) and increased hydraulic flow and pressure. The engine meets US EPA Tier 2 and EU Stage II emissions standards.

A new, variable displacement hydraulic pump eliminates stalling and enables the excavators to dig through the toughest conditions. Operating weight of the excavators is 3,792 pounds (1720 kg) when equipped with a cab and 3,548 pounds (1610 kg) with a canopy.

CAT 301 Mini Hydraulic Excavator

The CAT C-Series Mini Excavator cab is large and spacious for an expansive viewing area and good air circulation. For ventilation the cab has a retractable front window that can be stowed easily in the roof space with a gas strut assisted linkage. A suspension seat, console-mounted implement controls and adjustable wrist supports help reduce operator fatigue.

Pilot hydraulic implement controls are low effort. The two-speed travel system is controlled by a switch on the dozer lever, which makes speed changes easier while dozing. The machine monitoring system is mounted near the operator's line of sight to ensure that gauges and warning lights can be seen easily...

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