Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Caterpillar Forklifts History

Founded in 1890 by Benjamin Holt and Daniel Best, Caterpillar has since become one of the world’s leaders in farm, construction, and warehouse equipment. With a dedication to innovation, progress, and environmental sustainability, they are consistently winning awards for their advances in manufacturing. Although Caterpillar forklifts are only one aspect of their widespread product range, this is one area that they have really managed to excel in. The signature goldenrod logo is now seen on warehouse equipment throughout the industrial arena, particularly in North America. The company began as a tractor manufacturer, but that has easily translated to new projects and designs.

Cat Lift Truck

In addition to Caterpillar forklifts, the company also manufactures over 300 other types of machines. This list of products include compact track and multi-terrain loaders, cold planers, forwarders, harvesters, forest machines, hydraulic excavators, skidders, and wheel loaders. With so many products and types of machinery in the Caterpillar catalog, they have managed to almost fully conquer the market of agricultural and construction machinery. All of these items come together to help provide a full product range and dedication to excellence.

Caterpillar Forklifts

However, in terms of the Caterpillar forklifts, they are designed with some special features that are not seen in the rest of the family of Caterpillar products. With the capacity to lift anywhere from 2,500 to 36,000 pounds, they can handle even the most complex construction or industrial assignments.

They are also designed to be more sustainable and energy efficient than other models, with environmental system standards up to the latest levels in Houston, Texas, where they are manufactured. Because these environment standards are consistently being updated, the Caterpillar trucks must also adhere to these shifts.

Cat Forklifts

Other features that help make the Caterpillar forklifts stand out from the competition include their fingertip controls, presence detection system, informative displays, and the extreme strength of the mast and carriage designs. With researchers striving to always make the lift trucks better in an ever-changing workplace, it’s always well worth taking a look at what the company has recently achieved by browsing their online catalog from time to time. This can help you make sure that your own business is also adhering to these current environmental and safety standards. There is a full network of service centers that can help you stay in the network of service and repairs, to help protect your investment piece. Used models can be a good idea for those on a budget, and the company gives a list of a high number of dealers for this purpose.

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