Sunday, September 05, 2010

Material Handling Equipment Hand Trucks

Although forklifts and larger trucks are a necessity for large warehouse operations, even the smallest operation will most likely have need for material handling equipment hand trucks. These can be used for a variety of purses, including moving office supplies, delivering packages to other office workers, or carting around heavy bottles of water for the cooler. When moving in and out of offices, there is the danger of sustaining damage to the back or other muscle strain, which is what a hand truck is meant to alleviate.

Cat Hand Truck

To buy office supplies and equipment, including material handling equipment hand trucks, most people now turn to online purchase orders. You may be able to order hand trucks through your company’s office supply order site, if you work for a larger corporation. Office supply stores also sell these as single items, which you could place with your next purchase order. In addition, some people will turn to larger mechanical dealer’s sites, where you could find excellent deals on the hand trucks. Before making any purchase from one of these sources, however, there are a few items to take into consideration.

Firstly, you will want to think about how many people in the office that you anticipate using these material handling equipment hand trucks. If you have a large warehouse or storage room, for example, you’ll probably need several so that all the workers will have access to them and not have to waste valuable time. For a small home office or business, however, one may suffice. Another thing to think about is the size of the hand truck. These may come at different heights, but some are adjustable to ensure that they can be operated comfortably by any worker in the warehouse.

Cat Hand Pallet Jack

There are used material handling equipment hand trucks that are sold on online marketplaces or auction sites, or directly from the previous owners. If you’re on a tight budget these may be a good option, because it’s unlikely that much damage or wear and tire will have been sustained by the small hand truck. However, before making any purchase of used equipment, at the very least ask to see current photos of what you are purchasing, and try to wheel it around or give it a test run before finalizing your purchase. When you are making purchase orders online, always take care who you are giving your credit card information to.

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