Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Caterpillar 3500 Series Engines

Caterpillar 3500 Family Engines

Cat® diesel fire pump engines
Factory designed, assembled, and tested, and delivered in a package that meets nfpa-20 regulations and more. Supported 100 percent by your caterpillar dealer.

Caterpillar 3500 Family Engine

Reliable starting
Cat fuel injection systems feature individual injection pumps for each cylinder and injector capsules with clog-resistant orifices. The injection system, along with a solenoid energized to shut down, assures quick, easy starting in case of emergency.

Factory run-in
Cat® fire pump diesels are dynamometer tested at the factory to make sure they meet the certified rating standards. Your cat dealer can provide on-site inspection and training or instruction.

Caterpillar 3500 Engine

Caterpillar's 3500 Family Specifications
  • 12 and 16 cylinders in Vee
  • Ø 170 mm x 190 mm stroke
  • Generator Sets - 1,500 rpm, 50 Hz; 725 - 1,950 kW
  • Generator Sets - 1,200 rpm, 60 Hz; 600 - 1,620 kW
  • Industrial Engine 1,000 - 1,400 rpm, variable speed, 630 to 1,340 hp
  • Several / Variable compression ratios for different applications
  • Modern technology, low emissions, electronic ignition system
  • Suits Cogeneration Applications, very strong engine
  • Uses Natural Gas, landfill gas, biogas

Friday, February 18, 2005

Caterpillar D2 Diesel Tractor, 1938

Caterpillar D2 diesel engine required a gas fueled pony motor to crank the diesel up to speed. The pony motor originally was recoil starting, but later models were electric start.

Caterpillar D2 Tractor

The operator would start the pony motor and when the diesel engine was up to running speed and hot enough, about 15 minutes, the operator would turn on the diesel fuel valve and, hopefully, the fuel would fire and Cat D2 engine would run start running. The operator would shut off the gas flow to the pony motor and release the clutch to disengage it from the diesel engine. It was a little more complicated than this, what with releasing the decomp and other manipulations...

Caterpillar D2 Diesel Tractor

Cat D2 weighed between 6000 and 6700 lbs. Caterpillar D2 was manufactured from 1938 through 1956