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CAT Challenger 55 Row-Crop Crawler Tractor Specs, Benefits & Features

In this video we spend time out in the field and up in the cab of a 225 hp CAT Challenger 55 Row-Crop Crawler Tractor produced by Caterpillar from 1996-1998. Viewers will also learn about this row-crop crawler tractors specifications, history and the tracked tractors connection to the New Holland Genesis Tractor. The Cat Challenger 55 is built to match your planting, cultivating and tillage requirements - two tractor chassis, including exclusive Wide-Track version. CAT Challenger 55 Row-Crop Tractor Specs Engine - Drawbar Power - 191 HP - Engine Model - Cat 3126 Belts - Width - Standard Track - Belt - 18 in Weights - Maximum Operating Weight - 26750 lb - Minimum Operating Weight - 21690 lb Fuel Tank - Fuel Tank Capacity - 125 gal (US) Performance - Rated PTO Power - 225 HP - Gross Engine Power - 285 HP CAT Challenger 55 Tractor Benefits & Features CAT Challenger 55 Mobil-trac System Rubber-belted Introduction Caterpillar's agricultural com

How to Choose Disc Pads & Brake Shoes for CAT 793F Mining Truck

Choosing to buy aftermarket CAT 793F disc pads and brake shoes can save buyers money and time. Buyers who possess some mechanical knowledge usually prefer to use aftermarket parts rather than OEM Caterpillar parts for a variety of reasons. Buyers who do not know a great deal about mechanical parts and changing disc pads or brake shoes may want to steer clear of purchasing aftermarket CAT mining truck parts. There are several things to consider when purchasing aftermarket brake shoes or disc pads. What Caterpillar Brake Shoes / Disc Pads Do The brake shoe is a component of a braking system that holds the brake lining in drum brakes. The brake lining is riveted or glued to the shoe. When the brake is applied, the shoe moves and presses against this lining inside the drum. The friction created between the lining and the drum is what causes braking to work. Most modern cars have disc brakes all around, or at the front with drums located at the rear. Caterpillar disc brakes have pads that