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The CAT 789D Mining Truck From Hell at Coal Face Fire!

Blair Athol Coal Mine at Clermont, New South Wales, Australia, 14 Jan. 2004. Dynamite Is Used To Loosen The Coal For Collection By Powerful Electric Shovels. But Heat From The Explosion and An Exposed Coal Seam Can Sometimes Be A Bad Combination. Fire erupts from the coal face... What do you do with a burning coal face? You ship it! Transport that danger away in a CAT 789D Mining Truck! Perhaps 2 or 3 runs will be required to move all the flaming cargo from the Coal Face - sprayed with water in the safe area - the coal seam and mine will now be safe. CAT 789D Mining Truck Specifications Caterpillar's exclusive design ownership provides advantages by creating a total hauling unit that delivers the best integration of high production, availability, and payload in combination with low operating cost and long life. The Cat 789D continues the tradition of Caterpillar's proven 789 Truck with high productivity and lowest in class cost per ton. Engine M

XGC88000 - World's biggest Crawler Crane, 4,000 tons

Chinese manufacturer XCMG has begun building the 3,600-plus ton capacity XGC88000, which is targeted for work at petrochemical, coal, chemical and nuclear power construction. It was jointly developed with Chinese oil company Sinopec (China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation) following an agreement signed in 2010. The XGC88000 follows the 1,000- and 2,000-metric ton capacity models previously launched, the latter shown at the 2010 Bauma China exhibition in Shanghai. XGC88000 Crawler Crane Specs Max. Load Moment - 88,000 kN.m; Max. Boom Length - 120 m; Max. Jib Length - 153 m; Engine - 3 x 641 kW. XGC88000 Crane Dimensions Transport Length - 13,000 mm; Transport Width - 3,500 mm; Transport Height - 3,400 mm. In the morning of 5th July 2013, the XGC88000 performed its first job in Yantai, a joint effort between XCMG and Sinopec. The viewing stand is crowded with over 100 projects leaders and guest from both companies to witness the debut of the hoisting of the propylene tower

Military Construction Equipment

While reporters in the field seek to give TV viewers at home a clearer picture of the events that lead to victory or defeat in a wartime setting., those reporters seldom cover the path taken by military construction equipment. Sometimes, though, the enemy forces do make note of that path. Sometimes the enemy forces do use their weapons against military construction or convoy equipment. Sometimes that enemy force proves to be a deadly force. Then the enemy forces remind the TV viewers about the “behind-the-scenes” acts of courage that can play an important part in any planned military operation.The makers of military construction equipment have joined forces with the U.S. Department of Agriculture . Together, those two groups plan to discover and evaluate new fluids, fluids that can expand the number of conditions in which military construction equipment functions efficiently. At the present time, the joint investigation has chosen to focus on bio-based hydraulic fluids. Such f

#1 Dumptruck in the World Belaz 75710

From the end of August till November 2014 the specialists of OJSC “BELAZ and the service center “KBA along with operators have made several modifications of the mining dump truck of payload capacity 450T according to the recommendations and requests of the end users. Since November 2014 BELAZ-75710 has been transporting the overburden and has been working all day long. During this period the mining dump truck has shown great results. At OJSC “BELAZ the state of the truck is being controlled each day. As of 24.12.2014 BELAZ has made 630 runs, the weight of the transported load made up 1 million 10 thousand tons. On 25th of December all preventive measures were taken and now the truck is again in the operation.

Anatomy of a CAT Forklift

CAT Forklifts have many moving parts and pieces that allow the forklift to operate properly. Understanding the terminology of the lift truck parts and anatomy of a forklift is important for effective communication with others while on the job. CAT Forklift Mast The forklift mast is the raised vertical support that allows loads to be raised and lowered. For most forklifts, the mast is designed toward the front of a forklift and directly in the forklift operator’s line of vision. Forklift masts come with various sections that elevate or lower the fork carriage along with the forks. These include: Duplex: Two mast stages Triplex: Three mast stages Quad: Four mast sections When selecting a forklift, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different features and terminology of a forklift mast: the mast’s lift height, the free lift height and the extended height and the lowered height. This will allow you to select a forklift that is designed to fulfill the specif