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New Caterpillar 836H Landfill Compactor

The new 836H landfill compactor from Caterpillar delivers high productivity, long life and low operating costs in waste handling applications. The H-Series model retains the best features of its predecessor, including high-efficiency, low-effort hydraulics, durable structures and a comfortable cab. It also features many valuable updates including a high-performance, low-emissions engine, new cooling system technologies, an additional blade option and other improvements that make the machine easier to operate and service. New Cat C18 engine with ACERT® Technology The most significant change to the 836H is its engine, a new Cat C18 that delivers 372 net kW (498 net hp) at 1800 rpm. The engine features ACERT Technology, an exclusive Cat emissions reduction solution. Key elements of the ACERT Technology solution include: * A cross-flow cylinder head that brings more clean air into the combustion chamber and improves air distribution, ensuring a cleaner combustion process. * A was

Caterpillar 797B World's Biggest Truck

The 797B Mining Truck is engineered for performance, designed for comfort, and built to last. Developed specifically for high production mining and construction applications, Caterpillar 797B Mining Truck keeps material moving at high volume to lower your cost-per-ton. Rugged construction creates a durable machine. Easy maintenance procedures ensure high reliability and long life with low operating costs. CAT 797B Operating Specifications Nominal Payload Capacity - 380 tons / 345 tonnes Nominal Payload Capacity - 339.55 tons / 345 tonnes Top Speed – Loaded - 42 mph / 67.6 kph Maximum Capacity - Custom Steer Angle - 39 Degrees / 39 Degrees Turning Radius – Front - 130.9 ft / 39.9 m Turning Circle Clearance Diameter - 132.8 ft / 40.5 m Caterpillar 797B transmission Forward 1 - 7 mph / 11.3 kph Forward 2 - 9.5 mph / 15.2 kph Forward 3 - 12.7 mph / 20.5 kph Forward 4 - 17.2 mph / 27.7 kph Forward 5 - 23.1 mph / 37.2 kph Forward 6 - 31.2 mph / 50.3 kph

Caterpillar D2 Diesel Tractor, 1938

The Caterpillar D2 diesel engine required a gas fueled pony motor to crank the diesel up to speed. The pony motor originally was recoil starting, but later models were electric start. The operator would start the pony motor and when the diesel engine was up to running speed and hot enough, about 15 minutes, the operator would turn on the diesel fuel valve and, hopefully, the fuel would fire and Cat D2 engine would run start running. The operator would shut off the gas flow to the pony motor and release the clutch to disengage it from the diesel engine. It was a little more complicated than this, what with releasing the decomp and other manipulations... Cat D2 weighed between 6000 and 6700 lbs. Caterpillar D2 was manufactured from 1938 through 1956. Caterpillar D2 Diesel Tractor Specs  Length - 108 in (274 cm);  Height - 57.5 in (146 cm);  Weight - 7,420–8,536 lb (3,366–3,872 kg);  Propulsion - Caterpillar tracks (12 in (30 cm));  Engine model Inline-4 cyl diesel eng