Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Caterpillar 247B and Cat 257B Multi Terrain Loaders

247B and 257B Multi Terrain Loader Brief Specifications

Caterpillar 247BCaterpillar 257B
Operating weight6,668 lb (3024 kg)7,559 lb (3428 kg)
Rated operating capacity at 35 percent tipping load Rated operating capacity at 50 percent tipping load1,367 lb (620 kg)1,950 lb (885 kg)1,615 lb (732 kg)2,3100 lb (1047 kg)
Engine modelCat 3024C TCat 3024C T
Net engine power57 hp (42 kW)57 hp (42 kW)
Hydraulic power15.6 gpm (60 L/min)
3,335 psi (23 000 kPa)
15.6 gpm (60 L/min)
3,335 psi (23 000 kPa)
High Flow option:
26 gpm (100 L/min)
3,335 psi (23 000 kPa)
Linkage typeRadialVertical
Pin height at max. lift112 in. (2862 mm)119 in. (3018 mm)
Machine width66 in. (1676 mm)66 in. (1676 mm)
Length of track on ground59 in. (1499 mm)59 in. (1499 mm)

B-Series improvements for all models
The B-Series machines employ the proven anti-stall system and pilot hydraulic joystick controls that make Caterpillar Multi Terrain Loaders easy to operate. B-Series improvements include a deluxe joystick design that incorporates positive-action buttons to control work tool hydraulic or electrical functions. An ergonomically designed arm bar is rounded and sculpted to provide superior operator comfort, and the redesigned gauge panels are easy to read. The B-Series cab offers a new door option with 25 percent more glass that improves sight lines to the working area. The new door also incorporates a new loader lock out function that prevents loader arm movement when he door is open. A standard convex rearview mirror gives the operator a wider view behind the machine, and the lights are now adjustable 10-degrees up and down as well as side-to-side.

The improved B-Series hydraulic system design reduces the number of potential leak points and improves reliability and cleanliness. A 5-micron spin-on filter keeps hydraulic oil clean, and a high-efficiency hydraulic oil cooler allows the machines to work smoothly in high ambient temperatures.

Caterpillar 247B Multi Terrain Loader

The Caterpillar 247B and 257B Multi Terrain Loaders are compact, rubber-tracked machines designed for exceptional versatility, flotation, traction, stability and ride quality. The Multi Terrain Loaders combine the proven technology of the Cat® Skid Steer Loaders and a suspended track undercarriage. The suspended undercarriage transfers machine weight to the ground through 24 wheeled contact points bearing against 59 inches (1499 mm) of track on ground for very low ground pressure. The undercarriage remains unchanged in the B-Series.

The 247B is the smallest of the Multi Terrain Loaders with an operating capacity of 1,950 pounds (885 kg), when defined as 50 percent of tipping load. The 257B operating capacity is 2,310 pounds (1047 kg) at 50 percent tipping load. Both loaders now use the responsive Cat 3024C T engine, which complies with U.S. EPA Tier 2 emissions regulations. Net power is 57 horsepower (42 kW) in each machine.

Both B-Series models have greater hydraulic system performance than the models they replace. Standard flow is 15.6 gpm (60 L/min) and maximum pressure is 3,355 psi (23 000 kPa). The high flow option available on the 257B boosts flow to 26 gpm (100 L/min) and hydraulic horsepower increases 40 percent for highly productive operation of hydraulically powered work tools.

CAT 247B Multi Terrain Loader

The 247B and 257B offer significantly greater breakout forces than their predecessors for aggressive digging capabilities. Caterpillar 247B has radial lift linkage, and the 257B features vertical lift linkage for improved loading and materials handling capabilities. Maximum pin heights are 112 inches (2862 mm) and 119 inches (3018 mm), respectively.

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