Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Caterpillar 902 Wheel Loaders

Carry Cat Toughness To Multiple JobsCWL

Caterpillar 902 Wheel Loader

CATERPILLAR - Wheel Loaders - 902
  • Unique features and advantages of Cat Compact Wheel Loaders
  • Types of applications that are suited for the Cat Compact Wheel Loaders
  • Specs to help you find the ideal size for your work needs
  • Work Tools that add to the versatility of the equipment
  • Product support to enhance your Cat equipment owning experience
  • Maintenance tips that help you keep running at top quality
Cab Comfort / Visibility
Roomy cab and excellent visibility cuts down on operator fatigue.

Caterpillar 902

Joystick Operation Controls
- Pilot controls of big wheel loaders: With a design based on Cat® big wheel loaders, the compact series features the same highly responsive and easy-to-use pilot controls of their big brothers.
- Use with inching pedal: When precision counts, you can use the inching control for increased accuracy.
- Adjustable steering system: The 914G and IT14G features an adjustable steering system that can easily be lifted out of the way.

Linkage Systems
Get level load placement with superior reach, visibility and parallel lift.

Rugged Powertrain
Gear up for big productivity from high rimpull and torque rise.

CAT 902 Wheel Loader

Hydraulic Muscle
- Strong breakout forces: The increased breakout force is engineered from proven Cat® hydraulic muscle, which helps you move more material, more efficiently.
- Fast cycle times: The hydraulic power of the Compact Wheel Loaders produces fast cycle times, increasing bucket fill factors.
- Auxiliary valve: The auxiliary hydraulic control keeps the basic equipment movements at your fingertips.
- Incredibly smooth flow: The smooth hydraulic flow results in less jerking with accelerating and decelerating, which helps minimize operator fatigue.
- Reliable performance: Caterpillar wants to help you minimize downtime, and one way is to eliminate the possibility of belt wear and breakage. The hydraulically driven system means you don't have to worry about reduced power due to worn out belts.

Easy Service
All maintenance points are grouped for fast, reliable service.

Built-in Reliability
Renowned Cat reliability makes for trouble-free operation.

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