Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Caterpillar H140D s Hydraulic Hammer

Caterpillar® introduces Caterpillar H140DS hydraulic hammer, the first of a new generation of work tools for the construction, demolition, mining and aggregates industries. The hammer is built on the strengths of its predecessor model, Caterpillar H140C s, but incorporates many improvements that enhance productivity and extend wear life.

CAT H140D Hydraulic Hammer

Caterpillar H140D s is ideally matched to Cat® 325C and 330C hydraulic excavators. It is also compatible with a Cat 322C or similarly-sized excavator. The hammer measures 103.9 inches from the top plate to the tip of the tool. Its operating weight is 2 350 kg. It can be equipped with up to seven different tools for maximum versatility.

The hammer’s operating cycle has been redesigned to improve performance and simplify service. Impact frequency is 350 to 600 blows per minute - 25 to 30% higher than the previous design. The additional blow energy and frequency translate into faster, more effective material penetration and higher productivity. The new design also contains fewer parts, reducing the time required for machine setup, troubleshooting and hammer service.

The accumulator on Caterpillar H140D s can now be checked and recharged without removing the hammer from the machine, significantly improving uptime. The pressure control valve can also be adjusted without being removed from the hammer power cell.

Caterpillar H140D Hammer

In addition to all the new features, Caterpillar H140D s retains the best attributes of the C-Series hammer. Standard sound suppression improves operator comfort and environmental protection. A heavy-duty suspension system protects the hammer and carrier from recoil forces. A dust seal keeps dirt out of the housing, reducing wear on the power cell and other components. The lower tool bushing uses a slip-fit design for easy installation and can be rotated to double service life.

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