Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Caterpillar's C Series Hydraulic Excavators - Cat 320C L

The C Series excavators from Caterpillar (Cat 320C L) offer improved performance through increased horsepower and hydraulic flow, enhanced controllability and a new cab and interior layout for optimum operator efficiency. Cat 312C and Cat 315C replace the Caterpillar 312B and 315B and are available with long undercarriages-the Caterpillar 312C L and the 315C L. Caterpillar 312C L weighs about 28,970 lbs and the 315C L weighs about 36,840 lbs.

Cat 320C L Hydraulic Excavator

Cat 312C has 90 hp and the 315C has 110 hp-more than 11 per cent more power at the flywheel than the previous model. All models use the open-centre, two-pump hydraulic system and the Cat 312C and Cat 315C have increased hydraulic flows of six per cent and 13 per cent respectively.

The hydraulic cross-sensing system improves productivity, the company says, with faster implement speeds and quicker, stronger pivot turns.

Cat M315C Hydraulic Excavator

Caterpillar's 320C L Utility hydraulic excavator offers the same level of performance as the Cat 320C L excavator and has a smaller swing radius-6'7"-that falls within the track length and makes the Cat 320C L Utility ideal for use in logging road construction and other space-restricted sites. Operating weight of the 320C L Utility is about 50,700 lbs.

It has a 70 per cent heavier counterweight, net power of 138 hp produced by a Cat 3066 turbo-charged, six-cylinder engine and high torque at medium to low speeds, making for fuel efficiency and reduced sound levels.

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