Saturday, September 11, 2010

Caterpillar Forklift Parts

One of the best benefits that are offered from Caterpillar is swift access to new Caterpillar forklift parts, should you have the need to upgrade your current model with the latest accessories. Also, sometimes one part will fall into disrepair and need to be replaced. This can usually be done easily with the help of a basic service plan. When unsure, it’s always a good idea to speak to a Caterpillar service center, where you should have access to the best advice that relates to your current situation. This is the first step in maintaining the health of your forklift.

Used CAT Forklifts

A quick way to gain access to what Caterpillar forklift parts are currently available to you is to log in to the Cat Part Store, offered on the company’s website or through your local Caterpillar dealer. This gives users free access to prices and availability of over 800,000 parts. These may not all pertain to forklifts, but you can narrow down your search depending on what your make and model is. You can also search through different alternate part options, which is a unique feature that many other companies don’t offer when they sell new or replacement parts to their customers.

Some of these alternate options for Caterpillar forklift parts include the option to exchange parts at the dealer, find used pieces, or ones that have been re-manufactured and recycled. This is typically indicative of Caterpillar’s commitment to environmental sustainability and the quest to consistently provide customers with the options to have access to recyclable materials that are up to standards with the latest environmental standards as put forth by the government.

These parts, be they new, used, or recycled, can then be ordered online with any standard web browser. If you are trying to order new parts on a bulk level for your entire company, there are discounts available as well through the Caterpillar forklift parts automated system. You can set up regular shipments of the parts that you anticipate needing. This is part of the Integrated Procurement portion of the website.

Used Caterpillar Forklifts

To get started with signing up for this program or any of the other facets of the parts ordering system, it’s recommended to first speak with your local Caterpillar parts dealer. If you are unsure what type of part you will need for your forklift, you may also want to talk to a mechanic separately, or ask for a referral from your dealer.


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