Saturday, January 01, 2011

Caterpillar Forklift Dealers

Located in every state and in many parts of Canada, Caterpillar forklifts dealers are dedicated to helping their customers find the best deal and most reliable service on all their warehouse machinery needs. When you start the process of looking for a new or used forklift to purchase, there are several factors to take into consideration. That includes the size of your business space, how long you are going to need the lift truck for, and what your budget will allow you to purchase. There are huge industrial models, for example, with all the latest computerized features that most likely will not be necessary in a grocery store warehouse.

Caterpillar Forklift DealersForklift

Taking your business needs into account, the next step will be to think about whether you would like to purchase a used or a new forklift. Most Caterpillar forklift dealers will have both on hand, with such a booming used forklift market in many states. The reason why used forklifts are so common is because many people only rent them for fixed amounts of time to complete a certain contracted job, and then after that short time period is up, the vehicle becomes gently used and can be sold to someone else for a lower price than a new vehicle.

However, some of the used models that are available at Caterpillar forklift dealers will be more than gently used, and may in fact have gone through a rather rough period of use. If you notice an abundance of dents, scratches, and saggy tires, these problems may be more than just cosmetic. They could be indicative of misuse by previous owners of this particular forklift. In any case, it’s always highly recommended to have a professional service technician or mechanic take a look at used models before purchasing them.

Caterpillar Lift Ttruck

There are benefits to purchasing new models from Caterpillar forklift dealers as well, if you plan on using this piece of machinery for a more long-term period. This could be thought of as an investment piece that will last for a long time. Be sure to get a service contract that will take care of any repairs down the road, and you should have a forklift that will last you for ten years or longer. Before using any new piece of machinery, also be sure that all drivers are properly trained with the latest updates in technology, to avoid accidents and increase efficiency in the workplace.

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