Thursday, February 19, 2015

#1 Dumptruck in the World Belaz 75710

From the end of August till November 2014 the specialists of OJSC “BELAZ and the service center “KBA along with operators have made several modifications of the mining dump truck of payload capacity 450T according to the recommendations and requests of the end users. Since November 2014 BELAZ-75710 has been transporting the overburden and has been working all day long. During this period the mining dump truck has shown great results.

At OJSC “BELAZ the state of the truck is being controlled each day. As of 24.12.2014 BELAZ has made 630 runs, the weight of the transported load made up 1 million 10 thousand tons. On 25th of December all preventive measures were taken and now the truck is again in the operation.

BELAZ-75710 Biggest Dump Truck in the World

The drivers who operate the mining dump truck BELAZ-75710 have no remarks regarding the operation of the truck despite the fact that this equipment is new, they are sure that the truck will be reliable in the operation.


The specialists of OJSC “BELAZ" constantly work on the modernization of the trucks constructions in order to create the truck that will meet even the most difficult customer’s demands. While the designing of BELAZ-75710 the specialists took as a basis the achievement of reliability, compact size and enhanced productivity along with the carrying out of international and European standards.


  1. This dump truck would certainly make a lot of construction jobs go a lot quicker. I think it would be so awesome to rent a truck like this for building a home. It would be overkill but you wouldn't have to make several trips to dump the dirt. The dirt from the foundation would fit in the back easily.

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