Wednesday, August 22, 2018

XGC88000 - World's biggest Crawler Crane, 4,000 tons

Chinese manufacturer XCMG has begun building the 3,600-plus ton capacity XGC88000, which is targeted for work at petrochemical, coal, chemical and nuclear power construction. It was jointly developed with Chinese oil company Sinopec (China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation) following an agreement signed in 2010.

Crawler Crane XGC88000

The XGC88000 follows the 1,000- and 2,000-metric ton capacity models previously launched, the latter shown at the 2010 Bauma China exhibition in Shanghai.

XGC88000 Crawler Crane Specifications

Max. Load Moment88,000 kN.m
Max. Boom Length120 m
Max. Jib Length153 m
Engine3 x 641 kW
XGC88000 Crane Dimensions
Transport Length13,000 mm
Transport Width3,500 mm
Transport Height3,400 mm

In the morning of 5th July 2013, the XGC88000 performed its first job in Yantai, a joint effort between XCMG and Sinopec. The viewing stand is crowded with over 100 projects leaders and guest from both companies to witness the debut of the hoisting of the propylene tower in Wanhua Industrial Park.

XGC88000 Worlds biggest Crawler Crane

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Anatomy of a CAT Forklift

CAT Forklifts have many moving parts and pieces that allow the forklift to operate properly. Understanding the terminology of the lift truck parts and anatomy of a forklift is important for effective communication with others while on the job.

Anatomy of a CAT Forklift

CAT Forklift Mast

The forklift mast is the raised vertical support that allows loads to be raised and lowered. For most forklifts, the mast is designed toward the front of a forklift and directly in the forklift operator’s line of vision.

CAT Forklift Mast

Forklift masts come with various sections that elevate or lower the fork carriage along with the forks. These include:
  • Duplex: Two mast stages
  • Triplex: Three mast stages
  • Quad: Four mast sections
When selecting a forklift, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different features and terminology of a forklift mast: the mast’s lift height, the free lift height and the extended height and the lowered height. This will allow you to select a forklift that is designed to fulfill the specific needs of your applications.

For more information on forklift masts, read our article Forklift Mast Types.

CAT Forklift Hydraulic Lift Cylinder

The forklift lift cylinder powers the vertical movement of the mast, or the raising or lowering of the forklift carriage and the forks. The lift cylinder is generally hydraulically powered and is a single-acting hydraulic cylinder, meaning it pushes in one direction.

CAT Forklift Tilt Cylinder

Similar to the lift cylinder, the tilt cylinder controls movement for operation purposes. The key difference is that the tilt cylinder controls the tilt movement of the carriage and the angle of the forks relative to the ground.

CAT forklift carriage

CAT Forklift Carriage

The carriage is a platform located in front of the forklift mast that is used to mount objects to be controlled by the mast. This includes the forks of the forklift, the load backrest and other features of a forklift truck that come in direct contact with the loads.

CAT Forklift Forks

Also known as the tynes, the forks on a forklift are used to make direct contact with a load for transport. They are attached to the forklift carriage and are designed to carry a load from the bottom. Forklift forks come in all shapes and sizes.

CAT Forklift Forks

There is a wide variety of fork types available for various applications. Standard ITA forks are the most common type of forklift forks, but they too come in various widths, lengths and shapes.

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Is the Catalytic Converter Important? How Catalytic Converters Work

If you’re interested in vehicles as well as keeping our Earth safe, you may be interested in learning more about catalytic converters and how these important devices help to combat against pollution. These devices are a great way to help keep the air around us clean. While this is a hot topic, many people have questions about the use of catalytic converters. Take a look at the following information to learn more about catalytic converters.

What is a catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter is a device that helps to turn toxic byproducts found in an engine into less toxic substances through the use of chemical reactions.

How Catalytic Converters Work

As a car runs, the catalytic converter turns pollutants into less harmful substances before they leave a vehicle through the exhaust pipe. This can help to clean up the air significantly!

Are catalytic converters only found in standard automobiles?

No! While they are found in standard automobiles, they are also in many other machines. This includes buses, trucks, motorcycles, and forklifts, just to name a few. Think of all the vehicles that exist and how much pollution they cause. To combat the pollution, many machines utilize catalytic converters.

Catalytic converter fail?

Yes! There can be a variety of issues with a catalytic converter. For example, a converter can become clogged. A bad exhaust valve on the engine can also cause the converter to work incorrectly. When it fails, the converter won’t be working correctly to combat toxins. If you feel your catalytic converter has failed, it’s important to take your vehicle to a mechanic in order to get it checked out. This is a part that needs to be replaced, if broken.

What would happen if these devices didn’t exist?

Even more harmful pollution would enter our air, making the air clean and unhealthy for us to breathe. Catalytic converters are just one way to keep the air cleaner. Many other products and devices will continue to be researched and developed in the future in order to make even more changes for the Earth.

Under federal law, catalytic converters may not be removed and replaced with "converter replacement pipes" by any person!

Catalytic converters are devices that are found in a vehicle’s engine and help to turn toxic substances into less harmful pollutants. This can help to keep the air cleaner so that we are breathing in safe air when going about our everyday lives. In order for these devices to work correctly and safety, there are important catalytic converters laws. Take a look at the following information to learn more about the use of these devices.

Catalytic converter guidelines have been in place since 1987. These laws were officially outlined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These laws put in place outline how the converters must be designed, tested and manufactured.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

#1 Dumptruck in the World Belaz 75710

From the end of August till November 2014 the specialists of OJSC “BELAZ and the service center “KBA along with operators have made several modifications of the mining dump truck of payload capacity 450T according to the recommendations and requests of the end users. Since November 2014 BELAZ-75710 has been transporting the overburden and has been working all day long. During this period the mining dump truck has shown great results.

At OJSC “BELAZ the state of the truck is being controlled each day. As of 24.12.2014 BELAZ has made 630 runs, the weight of the transported load made up 1 million 10 thousand tons. On 25th of December all preventive measures were taken and now the truck is again in the operation.

BELAZ-75710 Biggest Dump Truck in the World

Monday, January 05, 2015

Cat Construction Equipment Rental

The construction industry is very important. There is always a need for new buildings and developments. Because of this, there is a variety of cat construction equipment available to rent and purchase. Each machine and piece of equipment aids in the completion of a many construction projects. You may often see these pieces of machinery alongside the road or other construction sites. To learn more about cat construction equipment rental, take a look at the following information.

Because equipment is so large and powerful, it is also very costly. This is why many individuals and companies choose to rent equipment rather than pay full purchase price. This can help to save a lot of money when using multiple pieces of equipment for one construction project. Additionally, this can help companies stick to deadlines better because rental equipment must be returned during a certain time period.

Pre-owned and used equipment can also be purchased for discounted prices, making this yet another affordable equipment option for companies to consider. Careful research must be done before purchasing used equipment, however, so that it works properly and as expected.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

#2 dumptruck in the world Caterpillar 797F

The Caterpillar 797F is an off-highway, ultra class, two-axle, mechanical powertrain haul truck developed and manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. in the United States specifically for high production mining and heavy-duty construction applications worldwide. The CAT 797F is the third, current generation model of the 797 series and is Caterpillar's largest, highest payload capacity haul truck.

Biggest dumptrucks in the world
  1. Belaz 75710 496 tons 
  2. CAT 797F has 400 tons payload 
  3. Liebherr's T282C 400 tons 
  4. Hitachi EH4500 AC-3 326 tons 
  5. Komatsu 960E-1 360 tons (Komatsu is also the builder of the largest bulldozer) 
  6. Terex MT6300AC 400 tons (rebranded Bucyrus) 
  7. Liebherr T 282 C 400 tons 
All these values are in "short tons" = 2000 pounds = 907 kg (metric ton is 1000 kg), 400 short tons = 363 metric tons

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Construction Equipment Auctions

In order to be successful and have the tools that are needed to get each construction project completed correctly, construction companies need to purchase a variety of construction equipment. Because each tool has its own benefits and features, a lot of equipment needs to be bought. This means that companies are looking for new ways to purchase the tools that are needed. Many companies take advantage of construction equipment auctions in order to get the tools that they need. This is an affordable way to get all of the tools that are needed.

How do these auctions work? Individuals attend the auction in order to get the tools that they need. During the auction, attendees learn about each item. This includes specifications of each item. Attendees then bid on the items that they want. The winner of each bid is able to own the equipment. Construction equipment auctions are becoming more popular.
Many people prefer this method of purchasing the equipment that they need because it can be more affordable. If certain items are not needed by the majority of attendees, they may go for sale at a much lower price. This can end up being huge savings for a construction companies, because most equipment is extremely expensive.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Military Construction Equipment

While reporters in the field seek to give TV viewers at home a clearer picture of the events that lead to victory or defeat in a wartime setting., those reporters seldom cover the path taken by military construction equipment. Sometimes, though, the enemy forces do make note of that path. Sometimes the enemy forces do use their weapons against military construction or convoy equipment.

Armored Caterpillar D9R Bulldozer

Sometimes that enemy force proves to be a deadly force. Then the enemy forces remind the TV viewers about the “behind-the-scenes” acts of courage that can play an important part in any planned military operation.The makers of military construction equipment have joined forces with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Together, those two groups plan to discover and evaluate new fluids, fluids that can expand the number of conditions in which military construction equipment functions efficiently.

At the present time, the joint investigation has chosen to focus on bio-based hydraulic fluids. Such fluids are made from vegetable oils. Farmers who grow rapeseeds, sunflowers, corn, soybeans, canola plants, or coconuts applaud any acceptance of bio-based hydraulic fluids. Meanwhile, the makers of military construction equipment evaluate the lubrication abilities possessed by those same fluids.

Casspir Gemsbok Recovery Vehicle

The makers of military construction equipment appreciate the range of conditions in which their equipment needs to perform. By the same token, members of the military demand optimal performance from all manner of purchased construction equipment. The success of one military operation could well depend on the efficient operation of bulldozers, scapers, graders, loaders and cranes.

Each of those various pieces of equipment must be tested in a field setting. Evaluation of the test results should aid assessment of the important characteristics displayed by bio-based hydraulic fluids. Evaluation of the tested military construction equipment should yield measurements for three top-priority features, three of the features most-desired by users of construction equipment.

CAT Military Equipment

What are those features? One is coating thickness, the amount of lubricant that sticks to the moving parts on the construction equipment. A second feature is viscosity, the degree to which the lubricant resists changes to its form. The third feature is specific gravity, a measurement that is really a comparison. The specific density of a hydraulic fluid indicates how its density compares to the density of water.

Why does the military need to carry-out field tests when measuring the coating thickness, viscosity or specific gravity of bio-based hydraulic fluids? Can’t the appropriate personnel evaluate the performance of military construction equipment in a laboratory setting? No, the combination of conditions in the laboratory can not duplicate properly the combination of conditions that a fighting force might find in the field.

M88 Recovery Vehicle

There, the temperatures might rise or fall precipitously. There, moisture of other elements in the air might act to diminish the performance of a less-than-perfect hydraulic fluid.

That is why the military needs to schedule field tests on any military construction equipment, when the lubrication of that equipment depends, for the first time, on bio-based hydraulic fluids. The military can not deny the apparent economic benefits associated with bio-based hydraulic fluids. Yet military leaders in the U.S. want some assurance that unforeseen problems will not eat-up any money saved by a switch from petroleum-based to bio-based hydraulic fluids.

Many American farmers hope that leaders in the U.S. military will gain that assurance by examining the results from planned field tests.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to Find Caterpillar Dealers

Caterpillar is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial equipment used in construction and mining. In addition to that, they manufacture industrial gas turbines and engines as well as sell financial products and insurance. They’ve been in business since 1925 and are the recognized leader when it comes to industrial machines. If you are doing any type of construction, chances are pretty good that you will be using a Cat machine. To buy a new machine or get service on Cat equipment you already own then you will need to go to a dealership. Here are a few tips on how to find Caterpillar dealers in your area.

How to Find Caterpillar Dealers

The easiest way to find a dealer is to go to the Cat website and use the locator function they have available on there. They provide a way to search by location or by dealer name if you have one. You will need to detail if you are looking for a retailer that does sales, perform services, or offers rentals. Then you will have to pick what type of equipment you want to purchase or get serviced. The available options they have listed are machines, electric power, industrial rail engines, marine engines, or on-highway truck engines. If you have been trying to figure out how to find Caterpillar dealers then this is your most convenient option.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Where to Find Caterpillar Equipment Parts You Need

It is the nature of all things to eventually need repair. Parts get worn out or break from regular use and you must get it replaced in order to complete your project. Although Caterpillar machines are high quality, they are not immune from this fact of life. It may take them longer and a lot of rough handling for them to break down but eventually you will have to make repairs to your machines. However, it usually is a simple matter of finding the correct parts and getting them installed on your machine. There are several different ways you can find Caterpillar equipment parts, all of which are fairly easy.

Caterpillar Equipment Parts

The first place you should go for Caterpillar equipment parts is to your local dealership. You will need to find one with a service department who can actually make repairs for you. This is probably the easiest way to go because you can take the equipment in, have the service tech repair the machine, and then be about your business without having to mess with the minute details of repair. If you don’t know where there is a service station near you, you can go to the Cat website to look it up.

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